EOTech Sights are used by the US Military and Law Enforcement firms across the United States.  That alone should be enough of a reason why you need to think EOTech right off the bat if you are considering a holographic sight for your AR.

There are plenty of other choices for an AR-15 if you are looking at a longer distance scope or are on a limited budget.  But for the money, EOTech is hands down the holographic sight you can choose for the cash.  

Best EOTech Optics

If you don’t have the money, there are plenty of other alternatives for an AR-15 or an AR-10.

If you don’t want to read up on EOTech history, or the reasons why we think they are the top choice on the holographic side of the coin, feel free to just browse the user reviews in our comparison grid on top.  If you care about our logic & reasoning, please read on and we hope you enjoy.

About the EOTech Brand:

EOTech launched in 1995.  They are one of the top manufacturers of holographic optics and mass produce some of the top models on the market.  They are frequently associated with military personnel and law enforcement and have a following of supporters that are loyal to the brand.

Their quality is notorious for being top tier, and most AR enthusiasts are satisfied with the performance (check the user reviews in our comparison grid for more user details).

Why a Holographic Sight?

Holographic optics are different than their Red Dot cousins.  They are far superior and allow for faster target acquisition which makes follow up shots much easier.  When you are in a situation where you need to have repeat firing whether in a competition, hunting or otherwise, you want the optic choice that will give you the opportunity to hit your target quickly and efficiently. Red Dot sights can sometimes be a little harder to see when looking through the field of vision whereas most Holographic Sights have an increased field of view making target acquisition far easier.

Another important note is how each perform when adding a magnifier.  Usually Holo’s will leave the aiming dot the same when magnified, whereas red dot scopes have the dot increase by the same margin as your target.  All this does is make your aiming dot enormous and covers the full body of the target.  This isn’t something that will offer a whole lot of on target shooting, especially if you are in a rapid target acquisition scenario.

Let’s talk Top 5:

Below we are going to get into detail both with our breakdown of the Top 5 as well as an EOTech Clone if you decide to go outside the EOTech Brand with an alternative sight.

Our Top Choice:  The EOTech 512 A65 Tactical Holographic 

The top selling EOTech 512 is one of the best holographic sights on the market.  It is popular with both professional shooters as well as range junkies alike.  It’s designed for close quarters and it improves target acquisition and control.  There are some knocks against it for the battery life but some of the newest releases of this model have addressed that.

The track record for this optic choice proves itself and is showcased with more positive user reviews online than any other holographic choice.  It also gets accolades for being one of the easier choices to install on your rifle.

Our Runner Up:  The EOTech XPS2-0 Holographic Sight 

We chose the XPS2-0 as a runner up purely based on price. It’s been known to break that range depending on the retailer.  The XPS2-0 is well known for being a better fit as a compact option.  It’s a lighter and smaller version than the 512 and still provides good target acquisition and follow up speed.

Unlike the 512, this model is pretty well known for the extended battery life and is a choice if you intend to swap out with a magnifier on the front of the scope from time to time.  Great choice, just slightly pricier.

Third in Line:  The EOTech 516A 

This is a great choice if you are looking for a slightly raised base.  It functions well as a co-witness for your iron sights if you intend on keeping them in place or have them ordered for your AR build.

This is a close relative to the 512 that we mentioned earlier, but also doesn’t usually suffer from battery life issues but is again, slightly more expensive.

It zeroes crisply but still isn’t our top choice because we’d rather save the 80-100 bucks and grab the 512.  Depending on your needs, it may be worth the cost.

Batting Cleanup:  The EOTech EXPS3-0

Another great choice, but unfortunately the costliest of the group usually coming in expensive.  It has an long battery life and has a shortened base which makes it an good choice if you plan to add a magnifier.  It takes up way less rail space which makes it ideal if you are someone that likes to accessorize (who doesn’t?  AR’s are like Legos for adults!).

This model is recommended for both the AR-15 and the AR-10 platform but it only ranks last because of the price.  If you have the cash to spend, and you like having some rail room, you could make the case that this model will challenge the 512 as the top choice.

Our Top Choice as an EOTech Alternative:  Aimpoint PRO Patrol Optic

If you go outside EOTech, you go outside the holographic realm and back to read dot.  There simply isn’t a manufacturer that holds up to the same production standards.  The Aimpoint pro is probably the top choice for AR enthusiasts in the Red Dot category.

It’s the one of the top sellers on the internet and was made with Law Enforcement and Military personnel in mind.  The battery life on the Aimpoint PRO is outstanding and can last year on a single charge.

If you decide you want to go outside the Holo realm, there isn’t a better choice on the market today and you can’t go wrong with this purchase.  With several hundred positive user reviews on the internet, the results speak for themselves.

Wrap Up & Your Turn:

Hopefully we’ve helped you navigate the world of EOTech Holographic sights and the differences between the Red Dot Variations.  Picking a holographic scope is a choice and you can expect to spend a pretty penny.  You should take careful consideration when making your pick, but any of these top choices should leave you content for years of shooting to come.

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