Rifle cases are a must have for anyone that’s even remotely serious about shooting and you should own one before you even step foot into a shooting range. Even if you only own a 22 rifle, you will need a case to tote your trusty rifle around. Tactical cases are typically soft-shelled or hard-shelled, that are used to make transporting and storing your rifles easier. They also help protect your guns from the elements and keeping them in top shape during transport.

There are plenty of cases on the market today and there are also a number of important factors that vary from case to case. We’ve gone ahead taken the guesswork out of the selection process for you by highlighting our top 5 picks in both the comparison grid below as well as a little more detail in our product wrap ups just below that.

Best Rifle Cases

Looking for a little more detail? We have broken out our favorite tactical rifle cases by the type of case below. We cover the best tactical rifle case in each of the following categories broken below:

  • Single Rifle Case
  • Double Rifle Case
  • Steel Cases
  • Single Case on a Budget
  • Double Rifle Case on a Budget

We are positive that any one of the great rifle cases below will suit your individual needs and preferences. Each of them should be looked at a little differently depending on your overall goals, but we’d feel comfortable dragging our rifles around in any one of the following options.

Single Rifle Case: Condor Single Rifle Case

Rifle Case

With over twenty years of experience in the tactical/outdoor gear industry, Condor knows the difference between tactical-practical gear and “tactical-cool” gear that is often labeled by users as junk. All of their equipment is designed for the tough conditions of the field while also saving you money.

The Condor Single Rifle Case is no exception. It is one of the performing and attractive soft-shelled rifle cases on the market. Best of all, buying one won’t put a major dent in your bank account.

To start with, the Condor Single Rifle Case is a looker if there ever was one. It looks just as durable as it is durable. You can purchase it in one of three colorways, including Olive Drab, Tan, and Black.

Beyond looks, this Condor case is designed to be as practical as possible. All metal zippers and D-locks are functional and ensure durability. Two hook and loop straps secure your rifle in the 42 inch long main compartment while a 26 inch second compartment has two internal pockets to hold your pistols, ammo, and other accessories. The bag also comes with two mag pouches and one utility pouch.

Padding on the case is sound throughout. It is up to ¾ inches thick in most places. Better yet, this isn’t flimsy padding. It is solid, firm padding similar to that they use in the military. Finally, Condor gives you a number of different sizing options to suit the length of your rifle. The Condor Single Rifle Case is a recommended range bag of outstanding value.

Double Rifle Case: Condor Double Rifle Case

Rifle Case

Like the Condor Single Rifle Case, the Condor Double Rifle Case is a top quality rifle case built by one of the respected names in the tactical/outdoor industry. The only difference is – that’s right, you guessed correct – the double rifle version of the case holds up to two rifles. This makes it perfect for those that tend to bring more than one rifle with them to the shooting range.

The Condor Double Rifle Case is a tactical case through and through. It is practical with an amazing amount of space and an equally amazing level of versatility. Though, it can hold a ton of equipment. You can fit at least two rifles, a couple of handguns, and a box or two of rounds for each firearm. And that’s in addition to the equipment.

The versatility of the rifle case shines through in its customizability. The front three pouches unbutton for a more minimalist look. Convenient adjustable straps and zippers keep your rifles tight and secure. The case is also comfortable to carry, even when it is fully loaded.

Most importantly, the Condor Double Rifle Case does a stellar job at protecting your rifles from the scratches and bumps of the road. If you’re looking for a workhorse of a soft-shelled double rifle case, then look no further.

Steel Rifle Case: Plano Molding Company All-Weather Tactical Gun Case

Plano Single Rifle Case

At 42 inches in total length, the rugged, industrial-strength construction ensures that the All-Weather Tactical Gun Case won’t quit. A continuous Dri-Loc Seal ensures the case is waterproof and airtight so your valuable guns are protected in even the rough and ftumble conditions. Its hard-shell steel exterior, customizable foam inserts, and secure draw-down latches make this one of the best cases for airline cargo holds.

Simply put, this is a rugged and well-padded steel rifle case that is made to do the job and do it well. The case is durable and sturdy. It is one of the best rifle cases out there, especially considering its overall value.

Budget Single Rifle Case: Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Tactical Rifle Assault Case

Uncle Mike's Single Rifle Cases

A great rifle case doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, they can be affordable. The Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Tactical Assault Case is one of the best rifle cases in the budget category. Save your money and increase the life of your firearms with this awesome and affordable gun case.

The Uncle Mike’s Tactical Rifle Case is made out of durable 600D polyester. It comes with 2-inch foam padding for increase protection during transport. Three exterior gear pockets and an interior handgun pocket ensure you have room enough for everything you need for a fun time at the shooting range.

At the end of the day, this is a well-made bag at a good price. It might not be the highest quality bag on the market but it does its job well for its price point. If you’re on a budget but still want a great case for your rifles, this tactical rifle case by Uncle Mike’s is for you.

Budget Double Rifle Case: Voodoo Enhanced Tactical Soft Rifle Case

Rifle Cases

The Voodoo Enhanced Tactical Soft Rifle Case is the budget friendly option for those that want to be able to transport and store two rifles at once. It is a high quality product that is durable, functional, and versatile.

One great feature of the Voodoo Enhanced Tactical Soft Rifle Case is its versatile carrying options. It comes with a backpack strap and a shoulder strap in addition to the standard hand strap. The quality of the double rifle case in general is top-notch and features loads of pockets to store your gear.

The only real drawback to the case is that the outside pockets are fixed and cannot be unbuttoned like on other cases. However, when you consider this Voodoo rifle case’s overall value, this is a small price to pay for such a quality product. Have two rifles? Want to save money? This is the case for you.

Our Wrap Up & Recommendations:

While there are plenty of cases to choose from, these are the top choices that we’d lean towards and you can see that shooters that have purchased any one of these great cases feel the same way (just check the number of purchases & reviews on online).

Securing your firearms is always an important and personal choice. You want to make sure you can take your rifles with you safely and securely. Transporting them securely is just as important as making sure they are locked up nice and tight in your home, your car or even if you keep a handgun in a small biometric safe.

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