The American shooting public has had a long love affair with the 30-06, and for good reason. As a target cartridge this one is reasonably economical and accurate. As a hunting cartridge it is flexible enough to cover the full spectrum of North American big game and still low enough in recoil to be useful to a wide variety of shooters. This is why finding the best 30-06 scopes is essential. Before we dive into details below, if you aren’t much of a reader, you can check out user ratings online by clicking on one of our top 3 selections below.

When it comes to choosing an optic for these rifles we like to stick to the traditional choices for this traditional, but highly effective, cartridge. If you aren’t into reading, you can pick from our top 3 options for the 30-06 in the chart below. If you are the type of shooter that likes to research, keep on reading for reasons why these three options are our top 3 choices for your 30-06.

Best 30-06 Scopes

Since the this rifle cartridge is primarily a hunting cartridge we’ve tried to recommend trustworthy brands that won’t give trouble in the field. We’ve also gone with the 3-9 magnification range, having found it to be useful when the 30-06 is the cartridge of choice. Finally, we’ve stuck with affordable models because this model is the hunting cartridge for the average Joe who doesn’t want to spend more than he has to.

One of the truly classic choices for this rifle would be a Weaver Classic V series, 3-9x38mm. This model’s rugged construction and classic lines will make it look at home on any 30-06 while ensuring that it is still durable enough to drag around out in the woods.

A few small improvements over traditional variations include an enlarged, easy-to-grip, adjustment ring and fully-coated lenses. Weaver’s excellent lifetime warranty covers the Classic V makes the Classic V a hard option to turn down. The Weaver name has been around optics almost as long as the this type of rifle has been around and it the two still make for a fine pair.

Bushnell optics make for another great pairing. Bushnell has been around since 1948, about the time these rifle cartridges became true commercial cartridges, and the two go together like burgers and fries. It’s probably not too much of a stretch to say that Bushnell’s original models were all designed with these rifles in mind. These days Bushnell’s Banner 3-9x40mm makes for an excellent choice.

On the outside the profile is all traditional, but on the inside Bushnell has helpfully installed their fast-focus eyepiece. Multi-coating of the lenses allows the banner to pick up more light and an easy grip adjustment ring saves you from fighting to get your gloves off in the field. Bushnell’s user-friendly warranty make the Banner a perennial favorite with hunters.

A third and final name that is linked to this rifle is the Redfield. This very old name now resides on some modern options that are a fine pairing for the capabilities of the 30-06, while still preserving the overall look of the entire package. The Redfield Revenge 3-9x42mm model features popup ¼ MOA finger adjustments, Ballistic Drop Compensation reticles and considerable durability.

The Revenge can be had in either a matte black or a silver finish, although most will likely opt for the more traditional matte finish on classic rifles. Adding to these features is Redfield’s reliable warranty program . All things considered, the Revenge is hard to beat as a paired optic.

While these are our personal top choices for a 30-06, your search doesn’t have to end here. You can take a look at our full list of optics by clicking here and reviewing the countless other models we recommend depending on what your goals are. No matter what, all of the above scopes are fine optics and will fit your favorite rifle like a glove. For a  more detailed breakdown, there are plenty of options for more universal rifle scopes.

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