Best Bear Bell For Dogs | Keep Your Hiking Partner Safe

Bear bells are a simple accessory you can use to reduce your chances of encountering a bear in the wild. Bear bells work by alerting bears to your presence so that they do not feel like you “snuck up” on them. If they know you are there, they will more than likely just leave you alone and stay out of your way. The most dangerous bear is a surprised bear because they will often feel threatened and that they have to defend themselves. If you hike regularly with a dog, you should get a bear bell that you can attach to their collar. Here are two bear bells that, in our opinion, are the best bear bells for dogs to use when hiking. If you’re looking for more of our analysis keep scrolling down!

As you can imagine, there aren’t a lot of differences in bear bells on the market. They all serve mostly the same purpose, so we picked two that we feel are the best. One of them is fairly cheap while the other is a little bit more but the best bear bell on the market for dogs.

Make sure your dog is accustomed to having something ring on their body before using it on a hike. Some dogs don’t understand where the noise is coming from at first and can get distressed until they become acclimated to it.

Best Priced Bear Ball – Sabre Frontiersman

Sabre also makes a bear bell along with their Frontiersman bear mace covered in our bear mace guide that makes for an excellent bear deterrent. The Sabre Frontiersman bear bell comes with a durable velcro strap and a magnetic silencer that pulls the bell inside to the wall to stop it from making noise if you are in a situation that requires that.

Since it has a velcro strap, you can simply attach this to your dog’s collar or their doggie backpack. We suggest getting the two-pack and attaching one on each side for maximum noise. The only downside we’ve found to this particular bear bell is that it often is filthy after a hike with our pup and can be a pain to get clean because of the velcro.

Best Overall Bear Bell – Beau’s Bells

While this bell technically isn’t marketed as a “bear bell” we find that it gets the job done just as well if not better!

Beau’s Bells is a pair of very loud ringing bells meant to alert wildlife to your dog or cat’s presence. They were originally made to reduce the amount of wildlife killed by our pets, but it will also alert a bear to your dog’s presence just as well! These bells also help you know where your dog is at all times if they wander off the trail a bit since they are so loud. I have personally used this pair and noticed the difference in decibels compared to a normal bear bell.

They are made of copper and are weather-resistant for the most part making them a great choice for the outdoors. While the Sabre bear bell has a velcro strap that can get wet and muddy, these are easy to clean and can simply be rinsed off in a stream or under a sink. They clip on easily to a collar or a doggie backpack.

Which Bear Bell Should You Buy for Your Dog?

It really depends on your preference. Both are great options. I personally prefer Beau’s Bells because I use them on my cat when my dog isn’t hiking with me. They’re loud enough to make sure he doesn’t kill all the birds in our backyard. Bear Bells are just supposed to ensure that you and your pet don’t accidentally sneak up on a bear. As we said before, a surprised bear is the most dangerous kind of bear except for a mother bear protecting her cubs. We highly suggest you have ways of defending yourself against a bear attack besides these bells such as Sabre’s Frontiersman bear mace. If you’re interested in that be sure to check out our guide to bear maces. We hope you found our guide on the best bear bells for dogs helpful and hope you are more prepared for your next hike out with man’s best friend!