The AR-15 has enjoyed an immense boost in popularity in the last few years and its big brother the AR-10 isn’t far behind in popularity. While this particular rifle has a close outward resemblance to the popular AR-15 rifle scopes, the cartridges it’s chambered for are powerful and require optics with different features.

Best Scope For AR 10

Choosing the scope for these monsters can be a tough decision, as AR-10 owners will oftentimes want to make use of the gun’s utility as both a big game rifle and as a possible home defense weapon. Here are the top four we’d recommend to play each role.

Below we will dive deeper into the uses and practicality of each of these top quality sights in more detail. You can also feel free to click the links above to check out what users are saying about each choice on

The Best Value Optic With Red Dot Capability: The Vortex Strikfire Red Dot

First I feel like it’s important to mention my personal favorite for the money for anything under 50 yards. The Vortex Strikfire Red Dot is reliable and functions well in all weather conditions.

It’s also for close quarters combat training exercises and taking to the shooting range and is usually half the cost of an EOTECH. If you are going for longer distance, you should read on and take a look at our next model in line, the distance value model, the Bushnell Trophy XLT 4-12x40mm.

The Best Optic For Those on a Strict Budget: UTG 3-9×32 Compact Bug Buster

The UTG 3-9×32 Bug Buster is a good choice for any type of short and medium range sighting you need for your rifle. It’s nitrogen filled, fogproof, rainproof and shockproof. This is one of our top recommendations for those individuals working with an AR-15 platform as well, especially for the cost.

Unfortunately it does not have a red or green dot built into it, but you should be looking at the vortex anyways if you are wanting to keep something at short range.

Top Budget Distance Model: Bushnell Trophy XLT, 4-12x40mm

If an economical option with a lot of built-in value is what you’re looking for, the Bushnell Trophy XLT, 4-12x40mm is a great version to consider. This model has a magnification range broad enough for everything from close-quarters shots to long-range varminting.

The XLT features a fast focus eyepiece so no time is wasted looking for the “sweet spot” behind it and has an easy-to-grip power ring, which means less fumbling around in the field. Bushnell’s easy-to-work-with warranty make the Trophy XLT a choice for an rifle owner who doesn’t want to break the bank but still wants a quality optic.

Top Long Distance Choice: Leupold VX-R Patrol 1-9x25mm

Moving up in price we find the Leupold VX-R Patrol 1-9x25mm. This model features a compact size, light transmission and edge-blackened lenses to increase clarity. The turrets on the Patrol are easily manipulated and, of course, the Patrol carries a lot of built-in Leupold ruggedness. This optic’s size and range of magnification make it suited for all kinds of assault rifle applications. What makes the Patrol a truly interesting option is its illuminated reticle.

There are a lot of variations out there today with illuminated crosshairs, but the Patrol makes use of a proprietary Leupold motion sensing system. If the system senses no movement for five minutes the reticle turns off to save on battery life. The Patrol has a built-in motion sensor that makes for a cool feature at twice the price.

Wrap Up:

If these 4 models still don’t ring your bell as the best options for these amazing rifles, make sure you hit this page to check out our ratings and reviews of all different types of optics. I’m confident that any one of these models are not only going to do the job for you, but do it well. Thousands of shooters around the country can’t be wrong, and each of these should be a slam dunk for your assault rifle.

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