4 of the Best Night Sights for the M&P Shield That Won’t Break the Bank

If you own an M&P Shield you probably are using it for personal protection whether that is while you’re out and about or simply in your home. Wherever you take it, you’re going to want to be able to accurately use your sights and in the dark with the default sights, that can be near impossible. That’s why we always suggest purchasing an aftermarket night sight that you can install yourself onto your M&P Shield.

Night sights allow you to see in all kinds of light conditions and depending on which ones you buy can be extremely effective. We looked at the existing sights on the market and compiled a list based on our experiences to give you 5 of the best night sights for the M&P Shield currently available.

Photo Title Price Buy
TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Glow-in-The-Dark Night Sights for Smith & Wesson M&P Series Pistols (TG231MP) $84.24 Check on Amazon
Trijicon S&W M&P Shield HD Night Sight Set, Orange Front Outline $139.79 Check on Amazon
XS Sight Systems SW-0024S-3 Big Dot Tritium Express Front Sight with S&W M&P Shield $99.00 Check on Amazon
TRUGLO TFX Handgun Sight Set - S&W M&P, Black, One Size (TG13MP1A) $110.64 Check on Amazon

Best Budget Night Sight for the M&P Shield

If you are on a budget and simply want to pick up a night sight for your new handgun, the TRUGLO Tritium Night Sight is the best bet for you. These sights utilize tritium meaning they stay bright no matter the light condition. These bad boys will continue to glow even in pitch black zero light conditions. During the day, your sights are of course still usable and will be white instead of the bright green that tritium emits in the dark.

These sights require no batteries or external light sources to give them their trademark glow. They will be ready whenever you need them which is exactly what you want in case of an emergency. Some night sights on the market require batteries or external light sources which can be a pain to deal with depending on your situation.

These particular sights feature a square notch style with a snag-resistant design. TRUGLO makes their sights out of high-quality machined steel meaning you can be confident that they will stand up to daily wear and tear, unlike other sights that can be made out of cheap plastic.

All-in-all if it weren’t for another few options on our list, this sight can almost be labeled as the best on the market. Tritium is my personal favorite for night sights and it has been used for years in sights. If you are on a budget or simply want a well-built night sight for your M&P shield, this is a great pick.

Best Mid-Budget Night Sight for the M&P Shield

The Trijicon Night Sight is a great sight for anyone with an M&P Shield and is perfect for people looking to concealed-carry their handguns.

This sight features a combination of glow-in-the-dark photoluminescent paint and tritium like the TRUGLO sight. The makers of this sight believe in it so much that they even offer a 12-year warranty from the date of manufacture. While they do suggest a professional install these sights, they can be installed yourself if you even remotely know anything about your firearm.

These sights, like the TRUGLO, do not need any external light sources or batteries to be used. They glow so well that you can even see them on your nightstand in the dark, perfect for home defense. If you carry daily, they are extremely durable and well-made. They will not show signs of wear or movement even after a thousand rounds making them perfect for your daily carry.

Trijicon has been making sights since 1981 and is well-versed in the use of tritium in night sights, so it’s a no-brainer that these sights are on our list. That’s not to say you should only purchase this sight and not another, just that if this sight is in your price range it would be a great addition to your Shield.

Best Quickdraw Night Sight for the M&P Shield

If you’re looking for a sight specifically designed for low-light level conditions and fast sight alignment, the XS Sight Systems Big Dot Front Sight is for you. This night sight features a larger front post to make sight alignment easier in situations where every second counts. The front post features a green tritium sight while the rear sight has a simple white dot that reflects light even in low-light settings.

While the larger front post is a nice feature, it can make certain holsters problematic so keep that in mind before purchasing this sight if you’re looking for a quickdraw night sight. Your M&P Shield getting stuck in the holster because it’s too tight will just negate the benefit of being able to quickly align your sights with your target.

The sight comes with a hardware kit to help you install it yourself onto your Shield. This sight is made of a quality blued steel to ensure it can keep up with daily use and shooting.

Best Overall Night Sight for the M&P Shield

Coming in for best overall on our best night sights for the M&P Shield list is another wonderful sight from TRUGLO, the TRUGLO TFX Night Sight. These sights utilize fiber-optics and tritium to give you an amazing night sight that is extremely visible to your eye.

While you might be worried that someone else will be able to see your sights now, they are actually encased in the steel housing in a way that makes it so they are not visible from most angles. By now you should know that since these sites utilize tritium they do not need any batteries or external light sources to work.

These sights also feature a snag-resistant design so you can very quickly pull your firearm out of its holster when needed. If you’re worried about the fiber-optic tubes breaking, TRUGLO uses a chemical and shock-resistant capsule. You can clean your gun and sights without the worry of somehow breaking or dissolving the tubes.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Night Sight

Night sights come in a lot of different shapes, sizes, and materials. They can also be quite expensive depending on your budget so here are a few things to consider before buying your next sight.

Night Sight Material

Standard sights can be made from a lot of different materials and night sights are no different. When purchasing a night sight, we suggest you stick away from any sight made with plastic. Plastic is not as durable as steel and plastic is generally a sign of a cheap sight. Cheap doesn’t always mean bad, but you want your sight to be able to stand up to regular wear and tear. The last thing you need is a sight breaking from the stress of being fired while your at the range – or worse during an emergency.

Our personal preference for night sights are steel, particularly some form of hardened steel. All steels are different so do your research on the type of steel the night sight you are thinking of purchasing is made of.

Type of Illumination

When it comes to night sights there are generally two forms of illumination – fiber optics and tritium. They both have their advantages and disadvantages so we will go over each individually. There are other forms of night sights that require ambient light to charge up, but we find that these can be extremely problematic if you keep your handgun in a safe.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optic sights are generally cheaper than tritium sights, but not by much making it a personal preference when purchasing sights. Fiber optics are great because they can be used during the day or at night. A sight using fiber optics works by taking in the light around them and reflecting it back. This type of sight will work even in low-light conditions when there is seemingly not enough light.

However, if there is absolutely no light they will not work. This can rarely be a problem, but if you find yourself in pitch black conditions you will be blind essentially. If you plan on using your M&P Shield for home defense we suggest getting tritium night sights.


Tritium is a radioactive material that emits its own light. We promise that it is not harmful! You’ll probably be exposed to more radiation getting an x-ray at the dentist than by carrying a tritium sight. Since tritium produces its own light, this sight can be used at any time of the day. However, during the day it is often washed out by the sun so most manufacturers have a white outline around the tritium lamp in the sight.

Since tritium is radioactive it does have a half-life. This means that after 12 years your sight will be noticeably dimmer than when you first bought it. To combat this, most manufacturers offer 12 year warranties on tritium sights and will replace a dim sight for you. Check with the manufacturer before purchasing your sight to see if they offer that service.

Some night sights are a combination of both. The best sight on this list is one example. Having both is great because now your sight will be extremely visible to your eye during the day and the fiber optics will glow at night better than just a tritium sight.

Night Sight Size

While most night sights are not massive, they are generally bigger than your default iron sights. We suggest that you really look at the dimensions of any sight before purchasing it. Once you’ve purchased the sight, get it on quick and see if your Shield feels good in it’s holster or if the rear sights now poke into your side or back. You don’t want to wait 3 months only to realize that your handgun constantly gets stuck in the holster!

Most sights say they are made to fit most holsters, but that is not true for every case.

Notch Style

Sights come in all different styles. There are U-notches, V-notches, square notches, etc. Make sure you find out which style you like most before purchasing a sight. While I personally have no preference, I have plenty of friends who swear that they will only ever use v-notch sights.

Looking Back

We hope our guide to the best night sights for the M&P Shield was helpful and we hope you learned a thing or two. Picking a sight can be difficult. Every manufacturer does things differently and since you can’t actually use the sight until you buy it, its hard to know which one is best. Hopefully we made that decision easier for you today!